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The Bowen Affect

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We perform the techniques, and your body does the rest. The body can be its best opportunity for healing and the wide range of techniques used at our facility are specifically designed to aid your body in its individual needs. The Bowen Therapy Technique is a soft connective tissue, hands-on therapy, that addresses all the body's systems and restores the natural balance within the body. We provide a holistic approach to healing that balances and stimulates energy flows, improving circulation and lymph flow, increasing nutrition and oxygenation to cells, tissues, and systems and so much more.

Enhance the benefits of Bowen therapy with our Platinum LED Therapy Light™. Regular use of red light therapy can accelerate wound healing, reduce pain, and improve skin health. Infrared light therapy delves deeper into the body and can provide deep relaxation, alleviate chronic pain, improve circulation and promote tissue regeneration, all supporting the overall goals of Bowen therapy. Blue light therapy can contribute to the management of skin conditions, sleep regulation, and uplifts mood, especially for those affected by seasonal affective disorder. Used together these wavelengths of light are a perfect compliment to support the overall holistic goals of Bowen therapy which focuses on restoring the body's natural balance and promoting self-healing.

Bowen Treatment Session

60 minutes

Bowen Treatment & Light Therapy

60 minutes

Single Light Therapy Treatment

30 minutes
The Bowen Affect

A Holistic Approach
to Healing & Wellness


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